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  • Free trial
  • Volume based pricing tiers
  • Onboarding fee by inventory size and custom integrations

Value to your business

Lift revenue & margin

Delight your customers

Scale wine recommendations

Why wYne?

Grow wine sales and increase staff productivity

More customers and higher satisfaction

Fun and approachable guest experience

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Get wYne enabled in 2 to 5 business days

1. Sign-up for free trial

2. Provide website details

– URL for your restaurant or store
– Website hosting service

3. Give us your latest wine menu in any of these formats

– Web link
– Picture (JPEG or PNG)

4. Go live in 5 to 10 business days depending on your wine list

Make changes to your wine details quickly and securely

wYne uploads your wine list to wYne-DB so that your customers get recommendations for wines that you carry.

But, we all know that inventory and prices can change. That’s when your secure access comes handy to:

1. Remove a wine from your list

2. Change price for one or all wines

3. Add new wines to your current list

4. Add or change bottle formats

Get exceptional Support

Chat, phone, and email based support to keep you wYne ready, always