AI powered wine assistant for personalized wine matches at the point of purchase

wYne recommends wines for each person’s palate using research based algorithms and science 

wYne centers on the consumer to provide independent wine recommendations


Any wine at any place is matched to your palate


Happy customers, faster service, more wine sales


Free for consumers; Fulfillment partners pay for service

wYne is serving a need for
consumers, restaurants, retail and wineries

For consumers

The world is getting used to doorstep delivery and direct to consumer products. Even then people seek recommendations and value for money. And, as we bounce back from COVID, wYne is your assistant wherever you go…for choosing wine for yourself or a group of friends. 

For restaurants and merchants

The pandemic has depleted ranks of sommeliers, taking away the personal touch at restaurants, bars, stores and tasting rooms. wYne is the platform to engage guests and customers with personalized wine matches in a fun and approachable manner.

Our Story

December 2018

An idea is born

At a wine tasting event in Napa one of our founders met twin sisters from NYC celebrating their 25th birthday. They were in awe at the knowledge and experience needed to understand and explore the wine world. Isn’t there an app that can just recommend what I will like without all the effort of learning? A seed was planted that turned those sour grapes into wYne.

October 2019

We are a Company

wYne was incorporated on the heels of a research project to validate the market need for our product. Quite a few cold afternoons and evenings were spent surveying respondents outside popular restaurants and bars in San Francisco. Extensive prototyping and testing informed our plans for launch.

April 2020

Early pivot

COVID-19 disrupted the best of plans. Relentless innovation, reinvention and refinement led us to what wYne is today – a platform that helps users pick wine they would like at participating partner restaurants and merchants.

Nov 2020

We are a Company

Following a double blind test to determine and refine the accuracy of our wine recommendation algorithms, wYne launches at pilot partner locations.

Founding team



really needs help choosing wine he’ll like

restaurateur/entrepreneur looking to democratize wine selection



seeks  wines to enjoy with meals and friends

user growth/ adoption at bumble and tinder from early stages



found good wine after fierce experimentation

global businesses growth at accenture, tibco, wipro, and startups



discerning sommelier the algos learn from

restaurateur/ entrepreneur looking to democratize wine selection

Our team brings diverse backgrounds to wYne