Need Help to Choose Wine at Restaurants?

WYNE is a wine matching app that uses AI to
recommend personalized palate-matched wines from
restaurant menus in a fun and easy way.

why wyne?

For Users

Confident decision for the most expensive item in the menu


Personalized experience for guests and orders placed 3 to 4 times faster

Our Story

an idea is born

At a wine tasting event in Napa our founder met twin sisters from NYC celebrating their 25th birthday. They were in awe at the knowledge and experience needed to understand and explore the wine world. “Isn’t there an app that can just recommend what I will like?”


wYne was developed on the heels of research to validate the market need for such a product. Several cold evenings in San Francisco were spent surveying respondents outside popular bars and restaurants. Extensive prototyping and testing informed our engineering for launch. 


Our app is available for iPhone and Android phone as of March 2022. Before launch, we ran an extensive Pilot phase at 5 restaurants with a mobile web-app to refine the final product. The results of our AI delivered 90% accuracy from a double-blind tasting test. There’s a lot more coming!


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